Kolkata street


Took this pic in the lanes of kolkata. The cycle rickshaws and absolutely clear skies makes this city unique.

Edgy Perspective

IMG_1343 (3)

I took this pic in Tableland Panchgani on a foggy blurry evening. The sky was overcast with heavy clouds threatening to rain. The bench was the ledge on the hill gave a broody effect to the whole panorama. The silhouette only added to the drama of the entire frame.

Budding beauty.

IMG_0088 (2)

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery


Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, is a Buddhist monastery located at Bright Hill Road, Singapore. Like all Buddhist monasteries it emanates peace and tranquility. Just looking at the Buddha tall and big was immensely humbling. There are a lot of stories that I read about the religious aspects of the many hands of the Buddha and a lot of heads. But they are stories that you can find just googling them. For me it was the peace and the tranquility and a really happy place that I took with me.

I am not a very religious nor a ritualistic person……. only that religion has brought peace to me at every stance in life. I don’t care what kind of religious place it is or which religion it belongs to…… just the essence of peace that any and all of these places give me is what I look for. Its like the positive energies of 100s and 1000s of people put together that I get there and what I bring back with me from every such visit. It gives me tremendous strength.

This Buddhist monastery is the home for many Buddhist monks and they pray and live here. It also houses a learning center which teaches you all about the Buddhist religion. The architecture is essentially Chinese. It reminds me of the forbidden city :D . atleast of the pics and serials that I have seen of it. I haven’t been there yet but may be someday…… love the stories associated with it.

I spent a whole day there. Also I met a lot of very nice people. They are so friendly and so accepting. Had a great time there.




Shoes for me represent Travel and Freedom. Freedom to Travel anywhere and everywhere……….

 A shoe can tell you so much about the person wearing it. Whether they are stylish or they prefer comfort or they prefer durability. Yups the little cared about accessory is in-fact a great character analyzer. A worn out shoe has so many stories to tell…… of journeys undertaken, trials faced, beaten and bruised. Every patch and dent on it has a story to tell. A worn out shoe is a pleasure to wear. It’s the most comfortable stage of any shoe in its entire lifespan.

Just like my denim, I have to wear it…. in this case walk in  a shoe and yeah it talks to me.  It has to be a “made for each other” feeling….. If we gel off we belong to each other forever…….. or until the cobbler says otherwise.

Most cultures consider the shoe to be a dirty thing. In Hinduism we are expected to remove our shoes before we enter any place of worship or even inside the home. At the same time throwing a shoe at someone is considered the worst insult.

A sexy shoe on the other hand makes my day. Wearing sexy shoe makes me feel like a million bucks. I could be wearing a totally worn out jeans and tee but for the shoe…….. it makes me smile like I am wearing the best ball gown. I love wearing stilettos and sky touching pumps :D. What do you know every person has their follies….. mine are black stilettos and a wisp of Chanel no 5 .

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
Marilyn Monroe.

Panchgani landscape

IMG_1644 (2)

I took this picture in Panchgani on a very bright sunny day. The silhouette of the tree against the backdrop was amazing. I mono-chromed it so that the stark beauty of the tree could be highlighted and that the tree could be the main focus in the picture. It was one of those perfect shots which required no editing not even cropping. I got the angle right and the right amount of shadows.

Reflective surroundings

IMG_0387 (2)


This picture was taken in the underground passage connecting Bayfront MRT and Garden by the Bay. The reflective mirrors on the wall gave a new dimension to the whole picture. The point to be noted here is that almost everybody in the picture is hooked on to their cell phones or GPS.

This was a random click but post processing the picture had so much potential plus the perfect lighting……. Well, I could not help making it a black and white.

Lone crusader braving the elements

IMG_1411 (3)

Sunday snapshot

Kids playing in the water


Panchgani bylanes

IMG_1320 (3)

Chinatown Street Eateries


This is a pic of Chinatown in Singapore. On weekdays from 6 to 12 in the evening, the streets and bylanes of Chinatown are converted into open restaurants. You can just chill here after a hard days work  with a drink and a plate of fried prawns. They also serve gourmet food and Thai, Vietnamese and Korean food . Not a place for a quick bite but a more relaxed thing. Very popular with tourists. For me this is a place which is totally stress free and a haven for the overworked and really tired people looking to grab some chill time.  Ofcourse you have the kopitians in every corner in Singapore but people are always in a rush there. This is more relaxed with the open sitting and no conformity to anything. Plus I simply love Chinatown.

Man and beast

IMG_1331bw (4)

Sea beach.

Sea water lapping the shores…….. Coconut trees…….. soft breeze blowing…….. A calm and placid scenery just out of drawing books. In-fact this is just what I would sketch when given the topic landscape.


Flower Macro

IMG_0416 (2)



A very engrossing game


Spending some time together.

Spending some time together.

Looking Down

Looking beyond

I took this pic at Shaniwarwada, the iconic monument in Pune. If you ask me to picturise Pune in one picture it would be Shaniwarwada. This pic is taken at one of the balconies in Mastani Mahal.

Shaniwarwada was the official residence of the Peshwas, the ministers of the Maratha kingdom. Mastani was his mistress……. The love story of Peshwa Bajirao and Mastani is immortal. Devout Hindu Brahmin and powerful minister of the Maratha kingdom falls in love with the beautiful Muslim dancer and the rest is history.

Mastani’s beauty has been described as a very fair woman with translucent skin and beautiful eyes. Bajirao’s love for Mastani turned out to be the thorn in his life for which he was chastised by his entire family, his peers and the entire Maratha kingdom. Mastani too bore the brunt of the family and the Pune and she was made to live in the quarters over the main door of the wada (Building) she also had her own private entrance. This was where she would wait for her Peshwa….. yearning to meet him.

This pic is taken just at that location. From these arches you can see the entire of the Wada (Building): the gardens, what used to be the buildings, the gates and the fountains.

Studies today have shown that Mastani was infact the princess of a neighboring kingdom which the Peshwa had won over and she was infact his wife not his mistress. You can read more about it HERE.



Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams, no mortal ever dared to dream before.
~~Edgar Allan Poe~~

Workers at a construction site

Workers at work

Workers at work

Water Lily

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.” ― Kahlil Gibran

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.”
― Kahlil Gibran

A little piece of nature…… Panorama

A little piece of nature...... Panorama

Touching the sky

Touching the sky

I took this picture at One Raffles Quay. This is the business hub of Singapore. It is flanked with very very tall buildings all round. So much that you from the pavement you can just about see a glimmer of the sky. I tried taking the pic kneeling with a standard lens but the focus was just going wrong. After kneeling squatting and a lot of yoga mudras and hell lot of blind shots….. I took out my telephoto and just lay on the pavement and went click click. Believe me I wouldn’t have done this for anything at home without newspapers and a blankets and a lot of paraphernalia…… but Singapore is clean.

I monochromed it because I loved the shades of grey and the reflections on the glass and I simply didn’t want the amazing blue sky to be the focus, just the very tall buildings.


A Rose by any other name is just as sweet!!!

A Rose by any other name is just as sweet!!!


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