Touching the sky

Touching the sky

I took this picture at One Raffles Quay. This is the business hub of Singapore. It is flanked with very very tall buildings all round. So much that you from the pavement you can just about see a glimmer of the sky. I tried taking the pic kneeling with a standard lens but the focus was just going wrong. After kneeling squatting and a lot of yoga mudras and hell lot of blind shots….. I took out my telephoto and just lay on the pavement and went click click. Believe me I wouldn’t have done this for anything at home without newspapers and a blankets and a lot of paraphernalia…… but Singapore is clean.

I monochromed it because I loved the shades of grey and the reflections on the glass and I simply didn’t want the amazing blue sky to be the focus, just the very tall buildings.

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22 thoughts on “Touching the sky

  1. Oh. My. GOD! What a spectacular photo! I got a little bit of vertigo seeing it on my screen. I love your choice to shoot it in monochrome, as it reinforces the strong geometry of the scene. Amazing!

    Thank you for sharing this as part of this week’s theme. You’ve definitely given me much to think about as I ponder our theme for next week (going live later today.) I’ll also have this shot in mind the next time I take my camera out for a photo-walk.

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