Shoes for me represent Travel and Freedom. Freedom to Travel anywhere and everywhere……….

 A shoe can tell you so much about the person wearing it. Whether they are stylish or they prefer comfort or they prefer durability. Yups the little cared about accessory is in-fact a great character analyzer. A worn out shoe has so many stories to tell…… of journeys undertaken, trials faced, beaten and bruised. Every patch and dent on it has a story to tell. A worn out shoe is a pleasure to wear. It’s the most comfortable stage of any shoe in its entire lifespan.

Just like my denim, I have to wear it…. in this case walk in  a shoe and yeah it talks to me.  It has to be a “made for each other” feeling….. If we gel off we belong to each other forever…….. or until the cobbler says otherwise.

Most cultures consider the shoe to be a dirty thing. In Hinduism we are expected to remove our shoes before we enter any place of worship or even inside the home. At the same time throwing a shoe at someone is considered the worst insult.

A sexy shoe on the other hand makes my day. Wearing sexy shoe makes me feel like a million bucks. I could be wearing a totally worn out jeans and tee but for the shoe…….. it makes me smile like I am wearing the best ball gown. I love wearing stilettos and sky touching pumps :D. What do you know every person has their follies….. mine are black stilettos and a wisp of Chanel no 5 .

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
Marilyn Monroe.

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